2011 Honda CR-Z
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eCar's is pleased to present this 2011 Honda CR-Z  Hybrid Red 6 Speed ,The the CR-Z hybrid as the second coming of the CRX,Where the impish CRX used lightness and a stripped-down approach to deliver entertainment and efficiency, the CR-Z looks to a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain. The difference between the two paths is stark, or so goes conventional wisdom. With less weight and simplicity come fun and momentum-style hoonage, and with a hybrid powertrain comes, well, soul-crushing dullness. Somewhat shockingly, however, this hybrid is entertaining, even as it tries to marry the disparate concepts of sport and efficiency.This 2011 Honda CR-Z  Hybrid Red Opt for the six-speed manual, and the CR-Z delivers perhaps the most transparent hybrid experience available today, because you control the shift points and how quickly the gears are changed. Particularly with the three-mode adjustable drive system in sport mode, it’s a relatively fun little car. Of course, beyond the hybrid system, the CR-Z includes a boatload of stuff unavailable on the original CRX: airbags, a couple of decades’ worth of crash-worthiness improvements, and doors thicker than a Trapper Keeper, to mention a few. Still, from behind the wheel, you never shake the sense of extra weight. 


At the heart of the CR-Z is the 1.5-liter four-cylinder from the Fit, here making 113 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. It mates to Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system as seen in the Insight, which is comprised of a nickel-metal hydride battery pack and a 13-hp electric motor. Combined output stands at 122 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration isn’t scorching by any means, but the CR-Z doesn’t feel poky like the Fit or Insight. Helping foster that sense is the sport mode, activated via a button to the left of the steering wheel. In sport, throttle sensitivity is increased, the steering tightens, the electric motor provides more assistance on manual-equipped cars, and in CVT models, the “gear ratios” are optimized for acceleration. There are also normal and econ modes, and the latter dulls throttle response, retunes the CVT for fuel-economy gains, turns down the fan speed and minimizes compressor use for the A/C, and reduces power and torque by four percent except in wide-open-throttle situations.The CR-Z is a sporty car with green leanings more than anything else, and that likely guided the engineers’ efficiency targets.



This 2011 Honda CR-Z  Hybrid Red 6 Speed- stability control, power mirrors, power locks and windows, Remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, cruise control, a tilting and telescoping steering column, Digital media auxiliary jack,160-watt, AM/FM, CD, MP3, 6 speakers and the three-mode drive system.




Now is 6 years old, this 2011 Honda CR-Z  Hybrid Red 6 Speed still looks, runs and drives like the day it rolled off the showroom floor, beautiful, well kept, extremely Clean, having been loved and cherished by only 2 owners. 2011 Honda CR-Z  Hybrid Red 6 Speed, AC blows cold, and would  get you where you need to go for many years to come, quiet cabin and a handsome exterior. 




eCar's NEVER sells vehicles reported as salvage, manufacturer buy back, flood damaged or other branding remarks titled vehicles so you can buy with confidence.


You won't find another vehicle at this price, with all these highly desirable options, and in this condition. Don't wait for this auction to end, call now; your search is over!


Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 512-873-9602  / 512-988-7214 CELL  any questions.We provide free airport pick-up from  Austin International Airport , plus we can help and coordinate with your shipping company .Thank you for visiting another great eCar’s listing.


Terms & Conditions: TO BID YOU MUST BE OVER 18 and pay with cashiers check or wire transfer. Please do not bid without the intent to finalize this transaction.Bidders with less than 4 feedbacks or Bidder from Countries that do not having Banking Relationship with United State MUST email us before bidding showing their intent to purchase and pay for  the vehicle.


The vehicle is offered with a right to a personal inspection by any bidder or agent of any bidder. Whether a buyer decides to inspect a vehicle themselves/have a 3rd party inspection or no inspection at all, feedback MUST be left before the vehicle is released to the buyer/agent/shipper. This is due to our generous refund and return policy. IF YOU SHOULD GET HERE AND NOT LIKE THE CAR FOR WHATEVER REASON, WE WILL PROMPTLY REFUND YOUR MONEY WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH CAR BEING SOLD WHERE IS, AS IS. ! ...Please, ASK if you have a question! Seller reserves the right to end auction early. Cell phone provided below and all Email will be answered PROMPTLY. 512-988-7214 CELL.


Any Texas resident must pay local Texas  sales tax and licensing fees. All other will do so in their home state.


All used vehicles should be assumed to have some degree of wear. No vehicle is perfect to everyone. Each vehicle has its strengths, styles, tendencies and shortcomings. Therefore, despite our best efforts to verify a vehicle's mechanical condition, we are not able to warranty a manufacturer’s workmanship or previous owner’s diligence in care. It is for this reason that all vehicles are sold "AS IS". We have described the above mentioned vehicle to the best of our ability. However, with all pre-owned automobiles, the condition is subjective. Please be advised that no oral or written statements concerning any vehicle constitutes a representation or warranty of the condition of the said vehicle. You need to check with your local government for any special rules regarding these older vehicles passing inspections. We are not liable for any vehicle not passing inspection for your country.


If for any reason you receive your vehicle and have buyers remorse, are not happy with the vehicle or just don't want it for any reason we will purchase the car back from you. You WILL be responsible for a restocking fee that will equal 25% of the purchase price of the vehicle. You will also be responsible for shipping the vehicle back to our shop at your expense.


The vehicle is available for inspection prior to bidding. If you are the high bidder and unable to inspect said vehicle before auction close, you or an agent will have three (3) days ( need few days extra we will work with you) to inspect said vehicle after the close of auction. I encourage a physical inspection strongly to avoid any misunderstandings or representations.


All disputes arising out of or resulting from this sale shall be finally determined by binding arbitration in Austin, Texas, Travis County in accordance with the commercial rules of arbitration of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitration shall be carried out by one or more arbitrators in accordance with said rules. Any award shall be enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction in the same manner as judgments. This agreement to arbitrate shall survive the sale of the automobile described herein. Buyer and Seller hereby agree that Texas law shall control for all purposes under this Bill of Sale. Buyer and Seller hereby consent to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of Texas, Travis County to specifically enforce the agreement to arbitrate and to enter judgment of and enforce the award of the arbitrator.


All above terms and conditions are applied to vehicle sales, whether through eBay or otherwise.


Payment Terms-Payment must be made by Bank wire transfer or verifiable cashier check Payable in US Dollars.A Refundable deposit in the amount of $500.00 must be received within Twenty-Four (24) hours of the auctions close either by PayPal. The buyer has seven (3) days from close of auction to inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle is not to your liking within this 3 day inspection period then your deposit will be refunded 100%. If an inspection or decision takes longer then 3 days and you find the vehicle not to your liking, your deposit will be forfeited and the car will be relisted. Final payment must be received within three ( 3) days of the auction close. The refundable deposit only applies if you or an agent inspect said vehicle in Austin and find it not to your liking.  We will not be responsible for buyers remorse or problems found to said vehicle once they have left our property.Once full payment has been received, Seller will fax a copy of clear title, Bill of sale, Buyers guide and additional DMV forms to the Buyer to sign and return via Fedex. The forms must be returned to the Seller prior to the shipment of said vehicle. Original paperwork will be sent to Buyer Via overnight mail Three(3)days from date of final payment. Transportation will commence only after final payment and signed documentation are received feedback MUST be left before the vehicle is released to the buyer/agent/shipper . Once a car is picked up from our premises, you will NOT be able to return the car.Warranty-ALL SALES ARE FINAL WITH CAR BEING SOLD WHERE IS, AS IS. ! ...Please, ASK if you have a question! Seller reserves the right to end auction early. Cell phone provided  and all Email will be answered PROMPTLY.--

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  • Nice 2011 Honda CR-Z, only goes to show how careful the owner of this car is. I've read a lot of best assistance with essay writing reviews about this car model and I must say, this is something worth keeping.

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